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[Videos] Finance and capital markets

Khan Academy has a bunch of interesting videos explaining topics related to finance & capital markets @https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/core-finance. Probably worth checking those out.


Interesting blogs, websites


  1. Zero Hedge
  2. Nanex twitter feed (interesting & scary)
  3. David Stockman’s Contra Conter
  4. Evil Speculator
  5. Economic Policy Journal
  6. Miles Franklin’s Blog
  7. Harry S. Dent Jr.’s Blog
  8. Talk Markets (Syndication)
  9. Global Slant
  10. John Crudele’s column (New York Post)
  11. 10 year treasury note yields
  12. Financial Visualizations (finviz)
  13. Gareth & Nick’s Rant & Rave blog (10m intra-day analysis video)
  14. Lance Robert’s blog (good dose of daily analysis)
  15. Bonner & Partners
  16. Spreadbet Magazine (Gold bugs, UK based blog)
  17. Forex Trade strategy
  18. The Economic Collapse
  19. Wall Street on Parade
  20. The Burning Platform
  21. Contemporary trading mysteries explained
  22. Ron Paul Institute Featured Articles
  23. Business Insider (click baiting)


  1. Humble Student of the Markets
  2. TraderFeed
  3. The Night Own Trader
  4. Jesse’s Cafe Americain
  5. All Star Charts
  6. Trade Followers


  1. Mauldin Economics (co-author of “Code Red”)
  2. Grant Williams’ Things that make you go hmmm … articles
  3. Profit Confidential
  4. John Hussman’s Commentary
  5. Clusterfu*k Nation
  6. Cyniconomics
  7. Mises Daily
  8. ZEAL speculation & investment
  9. Ron Paul’s weekly column : Texas Straight Talk
  10. Ron Paul’s Daily Reckoning
  11. World’s Opinion (syndicate)
  12. Tim Duy’s Fed Watch
  13. Graham Summer’s Gains Pains & Capital (reduced frequency, decreased quality)
  14. Paul Krugman’s blog (Keynesian, boring as hell)
  15. Karl Denninger’s blog
  16. A lightning war for Liberty (focus on BitCoin)
  17. Pragmatic Capitalism (QE believer, flip-flopper)


  1. Sovereign Man
  2. Of Two Minds
  3. Acting Man
  4. Ron Paul MD
  5. My Budget 360
  6. Market Oracle (UK based)
  7. Daily Reckoning
  8. Daily Bell
  9. 321 Gold
  10. Alt-Market
  11. Marc to Market
  12. Joseph Stuber’s Instablog


  1. Fed Monetizing US Government Debt
  2. Investing concepts (videos)
  3. Hidden secrets of Money
  4. Understanding QE
  5. Can the Fed become insolvent?
  6. Variety of interesting posts
  7. Jesse Livermore’s famous quotes
  8. James Montier’s resources (white paper links)


  1. Dollar Collapse
  2. Investment Contrarians
  3. BitCoin Real Time
  4. bar chart [.com]
  5. XTF : Trending ETFs
  6. VIX Term Structure (Contango)
  7. CBOE VIX futures
  8. Options Chain
  9. To the Tick
  10. Daily Gains Letter

Fear & Greed Index

Fear & Greed Index

There are only two major emotions that drive the actions of a trader or an investor — Fear and Greed. It is natural that the financial markets may go or down – but how do we know or figure out which of those emotions is driving the US markets? CNN Money came up with a new index of their own using 7 key indicators, that predict the investor sentiment at any given time. As with any other tool, this index too is just a prediction – hence should only be used as another indicator to learn about the current sentiment.

Click on the above image to find the current readings of the Fear & Greed Index at CNN Money website. While at it, check out the page where they explain how the index value is derived.